Endesa X, is a renewable energy company that needed a review and restructuring of its content. In addition, Endesa needed UX & UI solutions for the Spain and Portugal platforms.

Heuristic Analysis

User test

Navigation flow

High fidelity wireframes

Design a new intuitive interaction and components

UX & UI Design


Over time, the website was outdated so we had to redesign the sitemap and reorganise the navigation flow.

Based on the principles of Human Centered Design, we started by evaluating the interface and doing a heuristic analysis.

Project development

First of all we researched the main core of the service.

Using the Design Thinking Methodology, we did the empathizing and defining process.. The platform now has new elements, components and functions.


As a result we can see a website with a minimalist design, easy to navigate. The main information of the website has a correct hierarchy.

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