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As a lead of the project, I have done the art direction, UX & UI of many websites for National Geographic. I have designed websites for 25 countries.

Design Lead

Art direction

UX & UI Design

Guide style


Wireframes low and high fidelity


Design System


Natural Andorra Website


On this website, our client wanted to promote nature in Andorra. The challenge was to design a simple and very attractive website. Our client had too many photos and videos but they didn’t know how to display their material in a hierarchical way. 

Therefore, our challenge was to make an attractive and easy to use website.


First, we analysed the benchmarking to propose something really original and different. We had the research, the interviews and the User Persona. Then, we designed the information architecture and wireframes. We also created a style guide for future National Geographic websites.

Finally, we had as a result a responsive website. The content was organised into spring, summer, autumn and winter. Inside those categories the content were structured by fauna, landscapes and vegetation with a small opening trailer.


The website was a success. It really promotes tourism in Andorra.

Gordon Ramsay website


Every year National Geographic and Gordon Ramsay present a new season of Uncharted. It is a TV serie in which Ramsay travels to remote places on earth to learn about new ingredients and cook them.

To promote the chapters, we had to design a new website that would be able to invite the user to get involved in the adventure of discovering a new ingredient.


Based on the Design Thinking methodology, we did some Google Design Sprint sessions. Also we defined the target audience and analyzed competitors. We designed a responsive website with interactions that invites the user to play to discover the secret ingredients that Ramsay is looking for. We designed low and high fidelity wireframes, prototyping and testing.

Finally, the user discovers the new dish with the special ingredients that he has found.


This project was a very effective website, it generated user interest in watching the new season of Uncharted. It was a success.

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